About Us

Meet our Leaders!

Helen Kramer is OurApps, LLC CEO. She is also the Co-Founder and Co-Creator of the OurApps.io platform. Her background is in business development and launching technical products in the US.

  • Proven track record of 20+ years ensuring tech products are delivered in a quality, efficient, and secure manner, in multiple Arenas.
  • Managed Business Development for Yahoo Get Local in Miami & Chicago.
  • Launched Sprints Wireless Internet Product in Southeast
  • Managed Product Launches Surface Mount Software Technology for Leaders in Electronics, Aerospace & Medical Devices.
  • Consulted for Bush Consulting, for fortune 500 Companies regarding Technical Product Launches by Researching & Monitored Market trends to ensure each product launches success!

Paul Hilsen is OurApps Technical Director. He is also the Co-Founder and Co-Creator of the OurApps.io platform.

  • Led implementation of flagship products from major professional sport teams analytic apps to healthcare adjudication algorithms – all built custom from the ground up.
  • Strong experience with strict regulatory requirements (HIPAA, PCI, FISMA).
  • Background in military intel, published researcher in chemical engineering, software architecture, and mechanical/biomedical engineering.

Together they designed and created OurApps.io.

OurApps.io will allow local businesses to not only survive but help them thrive in our new normal, by providing them the technology they need to keep their customers safe while giving small business owners the ability to scale thier business quickly!



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